Whistleblower platform

When a company has a Whistleblower portal, a link will be created, that must be available to employees in order to submit an incident report via the whistleblower platform. This means that employees have access to a platform where they can report matters regarding serious illegal activities or other serious matters.

When a whistleblower clicks on the link, the following platform will open:

  1. In this field, an introduction will appear. The introduction informs about the reason for having a Whistleblower portal and what types of incidents that can be reported.
  2. When wanting to report an incident, the Whistleblower must click on this icon. This will open a window, which will be discussed in more detail here.
  3. These icons contain various relevant information in connection with creating a report. These information boxes are specifically based on answering the questions a whistleblower may have when submitting an incident report. When clicking on each individual field, a window with information opens.



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