Group inspections

When you work in a group portal, you have admin rights over all companies that are connected to the group. This allows you to inspection and create, for example, work processes, data recipients, inspections, IT systems / information assets for each company connected to the group, without having to log in to each company’s portal account.

It also means that you can create inspections for all companies in the portal at once. It is also possible to select specific companies, and thus only create inspections for the relevant companies.


An inspection is created every time you have something to inspect. An example could be that you inspect every month and ensure that all applications that have been rejected have been deleted. An inspection helps you keep track of all the things that need to be monitored on an ongoing basis to comply with GDPR legislation. At the same time, it is a great tool for you to remember that you need to inspect.

Creating group inspections

When you are logged in to the group portal, you have a number of the same functions in the menu bar, which are also in the ‘normal’ portal.  To create a group inspection, click on group inspections in the menu bar (1), and then inspection series (2). This will open an overview of inspections, where you can click on ‘create inspection series’ (3) if you want to create a new inspection. If you want to edit an existing inspection, tap the function icon next to the individual inspection (4) and select edit.

When you click on ‘create inspection series’ (3) or edit (4) you will open the following form:

  1. Home: When you create an inspection series this is the first page you will open. The completion of this part is the same as with the ‘normal’ portal. Some basic information is requested on this page.
  2. Interval: Here you set everything related to the time and time interval in connection with the individual inspection series, exactly in the same way as in the ‘normal’ portal.
  3. Responsible users: This deals with who is responsible for the individual inspection series and works in the same way as in the ‘normal’ portal.

The first three points should be filled in the same way as if it were the regular portal. Click here for a detailed guide to filling in the first three points.

  1. Assigned: Here you can opt in or out of the companies that are connected to your group portal and for which you want the inspection series to be created. You have the option to press “select all” (5), “deselect all” (6) or select some specific ones by tapping them on or off on the icon to the right of the individual company (7). Companies can be grouped into different sections, where it will be possible to select or deselect all from a particular section (8). To see the individual companies in the sections, click on the section you want to unfold.


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