Under your profile, you can set everything that is personal to your user account. The profile contains a number of different parts, which will be reviewed below.

To access and setup your profile, click on ‘username’ in the right corner of the portal (1). After opening the small menu, click on ‘profile’ (2)


Here you can correct the language you want the portal to appear in. You do this by clicking on the field ‘language’ (1) which will open the menu with the different languages that you can see in section 2.

When you update the language, it also means that the templates in the portal under ‘templates’ change to the language that is selected. You should be aware that not all templates are available in all languages.

Name and phone number

You must provide your name and telephone number here. The name you provide is the one used for your user accounts in the portal.

Email and multi-factor authentication

In these fields, you must enter the name and e-mail that you want to be used in connection with the portal. Your E-mail is important in relation to logging into the portal if you have enabled multi-factor authentication, as it must be possible for the portal to send you an email with a one-time code. This is a security measure that significantly improves the security of your user, which is why it is recommended to have multi-factor authentication turned on.

Weekly status notification

You can choose to receive a weekly status notification. This will be sent to your e-mail and will contain information on the status of the various elements of the portal.


It is possible to change your password here. You do this by clicking on the ‘password’ icon after which two extra lines will appear. Here you need to enter your new password and repeat it below.


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