Inspection Series

Each time you have something to inspect, an inspection series is created. An example of a series of inspections could be that you inspect every month and ensure that the rejected applications have been deleted. Inspection series help you keep track of all the inspections that need to be carried out on an ongoing basis to comply with GDPR legislation. It is also a good tool for you to remember that you need to inspect.

How to work with inspection series

When you click ‘Create’ (1) in the left corner of the inspection series overview or ‘edit’ (2) in the function menu next to an inspection series, you open a window with a form.

2) In this feature menu, besides editing, you can also select employees, archive, duplicate, link, unlink or delete.

When selecting employees you will get an overview of all employees. From this site, you will be able to see which employees that the inspections series have been sent to, and furthermore, it’s possible to send out the inspections series to other employees. The features link and unlink allows you to link an inspections series to a local element. This is done by clicking on “link”. When clicking here, a window opens, where you will be able to see the local elements, that you can link to the inspections series. Unlink allows you to stop the linking you have created. 

Inspection series – home

The first page that opens when you create or edit an inspection series is ‘home’. Here you need to specify basic information about the inspection series.

  1. When you create/edit an inspection series, this page opens automatically. If you are working inside the form, here you need to click to bring up this page.
  2. Here you need to specify the name of the inspection series you are creating. For example, it could be ‘Review of user rights’.
  3. A description of what needs to be done when inspections are to be carried out shall be given.
  4. Here you need to select the category to which the inspection series belongs. Clicking the field opens a variety of categories for you to select by clicking on them. If there isn’t a category that matches the inspection series, you can create this by typing the category yourself and hitting enter.
  5. Here you can attach relevant files for the inspection series you are creating.

Inspection Series – Interval

On this page of the form, enter everything related to time and time interval for the inspection series.

  1. To get to ‘ Interval’ in the form, click here.
  2. Specify whether the inspection series has a start date. To do this, click the on or off icon. In the example here, it’s turned on. Your choice is crucial for the rest of the fields in this window, as all other fields disappear when you turn the icon off.
  3. In this field you need to specify whether it is a recurring inspection. To do this, click the on or off icon. In examples here, it’s turned on. Your choice is crucial for points 4 and 5, which will disappear if ‘recurrence’ is clicked off.
  4. Here you should indicate how often the inspection is repeated in days, weeks, and months. Which of the three things the number indicates, you choose in section 5.
  5. This field relates to point 4 in the image – here you need to choose whether the “every” is daus, months etc. You do this by clicking on the box where a menu will open, with the possible choices you can make.
  6. Here you specify the start date – this is where the first inspection is to be made.
  7. In this field you must specify how many days there are until the deadline for inspections. The days are indicated next to how many days there are until the start date.

Inspection series – responsible users

This page of the form is about who oversees the inspection series.

  1. To get to ‘Responsible Users’ in the form, click here.
  2. Here you need to specify the responsible user(s) for the inspection series. By clicking on the field, a menu will open where you can choose between the different users in the portal.
  3. Here you need to specify the department responsible for the inspection series.
  4. This box is checked if you want a notification to be sent when it is about time to carry out the inspection.

Inspection series connections

Here you need to choose which connections should be, for that inspection series.

  1. To get to ‘Connections’ in the form, click here.
  2. By clicking here, an overview of categories of connections you can choose opens. What you choose here will determine the choices you can make in section 3.
  3. Here you will be able to choose which connections, based on the category you selected in section 2, you want to add to the inspection series.

Please notice,

Remember to click create when you’re done filling out the form. If you tap the cross in the upper right corner, you close the form without saving your changes.


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