Group IT-systems / information assets

When you work in a group portal, you have admin rights over all companies that are connected to the group. This allows you to control and create, for example, work processes, data recipients, controls and IT systems / information assets for each company connected to the group, without having to log in to each company’s portal account.

This also means that you can create IT systems/information assets for all companies in the portal at once. It is also possible to select specific companies, and thus only create work processes for the relevant companies.

IT Systems/Information Assets

IT systems/information assets are programs and assets that contain information. It can be software, as well as it can be physical things like laptops, external hard drives, etc.

Creating an IT systems/information assets in the group portal

When you are logged in to the group portal, you have some of the functions in the menu bar, which are also in the ‘normal’ portal. To enter  IT systems/information assets , in the menu bar click on ‘data’ (1), which will open a number of subtopics and here select ‘IT systems/information assets’ (2). Once you are on IT systems/information assets, click on ‘create group information asset’ (3)

When you click create group information asset or the edit icon, next to an existing IT system / information asset (4), you open the following form:

  1. Setup: Here you enter all data for the IT system / information asset as you know it from the ‘normal’ portal. You can read more about filling out the form for an IT system/information asset by clicking here.
  2. Assigned to: Here you can opt in or out of the companies that are connected to your group portal and for which you want the IT system / information asset to be created. You have the option to press “select all” (4), “deselect all” (5) or select some specific ones by tapping them on or off on the icon to the right of the individual company (6). Companies can be grouped into different sections, where it will be possible to select or deselect all from a particular section (7). To see the individual companies in the sections, click on the section you want to unfold.

3. Settings: Here, as an admin in the group portal, you can manage which points in the IT system/information asset the individual company must be able to change / correct. Here it is possible to select or deselect all (8) or enter the specific fields yourself and correct the access (9). A green icon (10) indicates that the companies themselves have access to correct and a gray icon (11) indicates that only you as an admin can correct the individual field.


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