Info and region

The info and regions will help you get an overview of the companies, that are part of the group portal and categories these in order to get a better overview.

You will find info and region in the menu bar on the left, by clicking on dashboard. When you click here, the menu bar will unfold, allowing you to choose between dashboard, info, and region.


Here you can see info about each of the companies created in the group which is the companies the group dashboard reflects.

  1. Here you can see the name of the individual company.
  2. Here you can see which region the individual company belongs to
  3. Here you can open the company’s individual dashboard. You can read more about the individual dashboards here.


The region function can be used to create a better overview in the group portal, by dividing the various local portals into regions in the group portal and thus in some cases streamline the work in the group portal. It is not a feature you have to use, and therefore you do not need to have created regions in the group portal. We recommend that you use the feature when you have over 10 local portals associated with your group portal.

When you create a region, you choose how the region should be delimited, based on what makes sense to you. It may make sense to you to create geographically defined regions or create regions for the different types of businesses each local portal belongs to.

The advantage of using regions is that when assigning e.g. a work process, you can select an entire region, instead of clicking on each local portal. It makes the work easier when you create different elements in a portal, all of which apply, for example, to manufacturing companies, but not to the other local portals belonging to a different type of company. In this case, a region called “manufacturing companies” will have been created. However, it is still important to consider whether the element to be assigned to the region also applies to all local portals created in the region. If individual local portals in the region do not need to be assigned the element, you can subsequently go in and click off the specific local portal(s).

  1. Create a region. When you click here, a small window opens where you need to enter the name of the region you want to create and add members to the group. The members you can add are the companies created in the group portal.
  2. It is possible to edit the individual region here. By clicking here, the same window opens as when a new region is created, and it is possible to change both the name of the region and its members.
  3. Here you can delete the individual region.


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