Screener / investigator

Screener and investigator

Screener and investigator access are similar in some cases. Depending on the solution chosen for the division of roles, screener access can be separated from the investigator role. If you choose that the screener role should be handled internally, it will not be necessary to assign the investigator role to anyone in the Whistleblower unit. If you have chosen to have an external screener, as we recommend, the screeners task will be to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest between the incident report and the persons in the Whistleblower unit. The screener will release the incident report to the investigators in the Whistleblower unit which the incident report does not concern. When the incident report is released, the Whistleblower unit will investigate the incident.

The screener access

A screener can be either internal or external.

If you have chosen to have an internal screener, the whistleblower unit will be granted screener access to the Whistleblower portal. Everyone in the whistleblower unit gets direct access to the incident reports. The whistleblower unit must investigate the content of the incident report to see if it falls within the scope of the Whistleblower Act. It is up to the company itself whether choosing to solve the screener task externally or internally, but we recommend choosing an external screener to ensure that no conflicts of interest arise, as investigation of reports must be carried out impartially.

If you have chosen to have an external screener, for example GapSolutions, who carry out the screening of reports before they are released to the unit set up to investigate reports. It is important to emphasize that if you have chosen GapSolutions to only distribute, we will only consider a distribution of incident reports focusing on resolving conflicts of interest and not the legal aftermath of the incident report. The further process with investigation of the incident report is then carried out by the whistleblower unit.

It is also possible to choose another external screener, such as a lawyer. In this case the Whistleblower unit will not be able to see the incident report, before it’s released to them.

The investigator access

If you have chosen to handle the screener function internally, you will not have a user set up as an investigator. This is because internal screening gives direct access to the report and direct access to investigate and process the incident report.

When having an external screener, an investigator will only gain access to incident reports once they have been released by the screener. Investigators are employees from the company who are responsible for investigating the incident report and the further processing.

An investigator processes an incident report and ensure that any necessary action is taken. In connection with the investigation, an investigator (or screener) can contact the whistleblower via the secure mailbox, which may be assigned to the whistleblower in connection with the submission of the report.


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