Landing page (back-end)

Landing Page

This field in the menu bar relates to the back-end setup of the page that a reporter sees when entering the whistleblower page. This allows you to edit the text that is displayed to reporters before they create an incident.

When you select which language to display your landing page in (section 1 below), the various fillable text boxes will be auto filled with a standardized text for each text box. This standardized text must be adapted to the company. It is also possible to delete the text that is automatically inserted and write your own.

Please notice,

When choosing a language, the standardized text will be auto filled in the different text boxes. If you make changes to this text and then select a different language, the changes won’t follow. If you switch back to the language, you had initially chosen and made changes to, the changes won’t follow either. You can’t change the language on this page and keep the changes you’ve made to the different text boxes.

When you open the “Landing Page” from an administrator user you will be met by this:

  1. Here you can choose the language setting of the page that reporters meet. You can choose between Danish and English. It is recommended to start by selecting the language, as this selection will insert a standardized text, as discussed above.
  2. Here you can see the link to the page that reporters can access when there is something to report. You can also go to the link through here to see the page, that the employees see when going to the whistleblower page. If you want to have landing pages in more than one language, you can add a link for a landing page in another language. In case there is a need for additional languages, separate accounts need to be created. It’s possible to unify the links to the different Whistleblower portals, after which the employees can switch between languages directly from the report site. This is done by clicking “add”, after which two fields will open. In the first field, specify which language is being added. In the second field, paste the link to the landing page in the language variant. You find this link in the account with the language variant you have chosen. For example, you have created a Danish account and an English account. In the Danish account, you now want to connect the English landing page to the Danish one. Therefore, you access the English account, copy the link to the landing page, access the Danish account, to which you create the language “English” and paste the link you copied from the English account.
  3. This is a text box. In this text box, you can write the introduction, which the employee will see, when going to the Whistleblower site. If you have chosen language first, there will automatically be filled in a text, as described above. The text box in the picture represents the introduction on the Whistleblower site. There are text boxes for all different information boxes. These can be found by scrolling further down the “landing page” shown in the image above. The text boxes are similar to the introduction text box in the first picture. In these, you can correct the text that appears when a reporter clicks on the different information boxes. You cannot edit “create incident report” in the “landing page” function. If you want to correct something regarding this, this must be done from “settings” in the menu bar. You can read a guide about this here.

Please notice,

It is important to click on the “save” icon in the right corner of every text box. If you don’t do this, the changes won’t be saved.


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