What is an administrator?

An administrator gains the highest level of access.

The administrator has access to create users in the Whistleblower portal, and controls what level of access they should have.

In addition to having access to edit user accesses, and invite new users to the Whistleblower portal, administrator access also includes the ability to edit the Whistleblower portal. An administrator can access settings for the Whistleblower portal and customize these, as well as manage what is written on the page you meet when you go in to report. By this, an administrator handles the back end of the whistleblower side.

When do you need administrator access?

If you want to edit the setup of the whistleblower page that employees who want to file a report are met by, it is necessary to have administrator access. Here you can, for example, update settings for the logo displayed on the page. This is also where you access the setup of text content, on the page that the employee meets as well as setting up technical messages for the reporter. This could, for example, be the text that appears if an error occurs in connection with the submission of a report.

Only an administrator can add users and correct the level of access by individual users. Therefore, it requires an administrator access if such changes are to be made. 

If you have not chosen an implementation with us, the user created in the Whistleblower portal will be created as both administrator and screener.

What should be paid attention to when creating a user with administrator rights?

If you want an administrator to also be an investigator or screener in the Whistleblower portal, you must create the same user multiple times and assign the different roles. As an example, if user “X” is to be both an administrator but also an investigator, then user “X” figures twice under users in the Whistleblower portal – once as an administrator and once as an investigator.


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