When you want to see an overview of users in the Whistleblower portal or you want to add new users, click on “users” in the menu bar at the top. When you click here, you will open the following:

  1. Click here if you want to create a new user. When you click here, a small window will open in which you must specify the name and email of the user you want to create.
  2. This indicates the role that the user has been assigned. The role is particularly relevant because it controls the level of access that the user gets.
  3. Here you can regulate the level of access that the individual user has. Administrator is the highest level, while investigator is the lowest. Therefore, you cannot increase the administrator level or decrease the investigator level. To increase the level of access for an investigator, click the arrow pointing up next to the user, and the user will be changed from “investigator” to “screener.” If a screener is increased, he or she becomes an administrator.
  4. This icon allows you to delete an existing user. When clicking here a pop-up window will appear, to make sure, that the user should be deleted.
  5. In this field, the name of each user is provided along with the email that was entered when the user was created.

Please notice,

When a new user is created, they are always created with the role “investigator”, the lowest level of access. If you want the created user to be a screener or administrator, use the arrows shown in point 3 above and click the arrow up to increase the level of access.

User with several access levels

If you have been created as a user in the Whistleblower portal multiple times because you are granted multiple accesses in the Whistleblower portal, it is important that you change users depending on what you want to do in the Whistleblower portal. The following picture will help showing how you switch between users.

  1. Click here, to open the list of all the users you have access to in the Whistleblower portal.
  2. Here you can choose between the different users by clicking on the user, you want to access the Whistleblower portal from. If you want to make changes regarding the setup of the whistleblower page, you must access the Whistleblower portal from the administrator access. This is the only role, that contain “user”, “settings” and “landing page” in the menu at the top of the page. If you wish to process a report, you must access the Whistleblower portal from a screener or investigator access. Keep in mind that you will only see the accesses which you have been allowed and created by an administrator. You cannot necessarily choose between all three types of access, as shown in the picture here.


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