When you as an administrator want to access settings, click on “settings” in the menu bar at the top of the page. Here you can access general settings such as account settings, but also more text-specific settings. When clicking on “settings” in the menu, you will open this page:

In the following, there will first be a review of the functions belonging to general settings and then a review of the functions of text settings.

General Settings

Under general settings, there are several different items that can be accessed in the settings menu.

All the bars unfolds when you click on them.

  1. When you unfold this bar, you can change the name of the account in the first field and change the slug code in the second field. In addition, you can see the public link for the Whistleblower portal.
  2. Here you can edit the design of the page. This is where you can add the company logo and adjust the size of the logo, background color and more. The logo appears in the upper-left corner of the Whistleblower portal.
  3. If your company already has a privacy policy on your own website that covers the whistleblower solution, it is possible to refer directly to your privacy policy on your own website. This is done by inserting a link to your privacy policy page. When this is created, the “Privacy policy” will be visible in the bottom right corner of the Whistleblower portal, and clicking on it will redirect to the link that is inserted.  This function should only be used in cases where you have a privacy policy that also covers the whistleblower solution on your own website. If this is not the case, this field should be left blank, and you should instead insert your privacy policy in the “Privacy Policy” field under text settings, which will be reviewed further down.
  4. Under this item, you can change whether it should be possible to be anonymous or not as a whistleblower. There are two fields in this item. In the first, you can choose whether it should be possible to make anonymous reports. If you select “deactivated”, it is not possible to report anonymously. If you want it to be possible to report anonymously, you must select either “activated and turned on” or “activated and turned off”. If you choose the first of the two, the default setting for a submitter is anonymous, but the submitter can choose to remove anonymity. If you choose the second of the two, a person who reports must click the icon on, if wanting to remain anonymous. Below, select whether an anonymous submitter can choose not to create and assign a secure mailbox. A secure mailbox is created so that the person reporting can be contacted with further questions without this being traceable.

Please notice,

It is important to press the “save” button in the right corner of all fields if changes are made. If this is not done, the changes will not be saved.

Text Settings

Under text settings, you can access the setup of the page that an employee who wants to report is greeted by.

  1. Here you can choose the language. You can choose between Danish and English.
  2. This setting relates to the function “incident”, which is the item, that employees click on, when they have something to report on the Whistleblower page. When you click on this bar, a wide variety of fields will open. Here you correct all text material that a whistleblower encounters when creating a report. This means that it is everything from the title and description to the description of a consent confirmation and the opportunity to write a footer.
  3. In this item you access the settings for the receipt you get when a report is submitted. In addition to notifying that it has been received and will be processed, there is also the information regarding future contact. If there is a secure mailbox, this is also described in the receipt, and if there is not, you can let us know how else to contact the unit if you think of anything more regarding the case.
  4. When unfolding this bar, you can set the window that appears to a person who tries to report if the report fails.
  5. In this section, settings can be made regarding the notification a whistleblower receives if an attempt has been made to report to an account that is inactive.
  6. This bar relates to setting up a secure mailbox. Here you set what a person who has reported is met by when they access the link to the secure mailbox, they have been given with the code they have created.
  7. When the “Privacy Policy” bar is clicked, a text field will open. This is where your privacy policy is inserted if you do not have a comprehensive privacy policy on your website, which you have inserted a link to under “General Settings”. When the privacy policy is inserted and saved, the Whistleblower portal will say “Privacy Policy” in the lower right corner. When clicked here, a text box will open from which the privacy policy can be read. This function should only be used if you do not link to a privacy policy under “Links” in “General Settings”. If you have already inserted a link, leave this field blank.

Please notice,

It is important to press the “save” button in the right corner of all fields if changes are made. If this is not done, the changes will not be saved.


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