When an inspection is overdue, this means that the deadline for performing the inspections has passed.

When clicking on this bar, you will be able to see all the inspections that are overdue. Furthermore, you will be able to see the employees responsible for completing the inspection.

When clicking on the specific inspection that are overdue, it will look like this:

  1. When clicking here, you will enter the specific inspection.

To close the gap, you have two options. You can initiate closing the gap by sending a reminder to the employee. This is done by opening the inspections (1 in the image above) and then sending a reminder (2 in the image below). This will not cause the gap to close immediately. In this situation, the gap will only disappear once the employee has carried out the inspection.

In addition, it is possible to manually close a gap. This is done by pressing edit in the individual inspection (3), after which it will be possible to change the status from being “overdue” to being “completed”.


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