Legal basis updated

When clicking on this bar, you will be able to see the gaps within the category.

Due to improvements to the portal, minor changes have been made to legal basis options. Please ensure the legal basis is still correct.

This simply means, that the legal basis you have chosen, when creating the work process is no longer available to choose. This is because the legal basis earlier had a variety of different choices, but this has been collected under two categories, after which you instead must specify which part of the legal basis applies to the processing of the data.

This does not necessarily imply that the legal basis is no longer valid. It may therefore be sufficient to ensure that the legal basis is correct, but we encourage you to update the legal basis, as in the guide below.

To remove this gap, you must go to the legal basis in the work process and change it:

You must remove the legal basis chosen in the work process (1), by clicking on the cross in the right side of the legal basis. After that, you need to choose one of the new legal basis (2). In this case, the legal basis relates to the CPR number, after which you must choose the updated legal basis that relates to the CPR number. It will be necessary to specify in the description field below which part of the legal basis is used.


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