In the inspection’s module, you find, orient, and create the inspections you need to carry out with activities in your company. The checks must be carried out to comply with GDPR legislation.

When you click on ‘inspection’ on the left side of the menu bar, you will get the following options:

You can click on the sub-items below and get a more detailed guide to using the different modules. The annual wheel will be described below.

  1. Inspection series: An inspection series is created each time you have something to inspect.
  2. Annual wheel: Here you can get an overview of all inspections during the year. Here you can see which inspections have been carried out, which are ongoing, and which have been exceeded.
  3. Data processing inspections: All your data processors must be inspected at regular intervals. To inspect a data processor, it is important that there is a data processing agreement between you and the data processor, as the inspection is based on the data processing agreement.


    Inspection series navigation

    To access, create and edit inspection series, you must log in to the GDPR portal. Inside the portal, on the left side, you will find a bar where you must click on ‘Inspections’, after which a subbar will open. Here, click on ‘Inspection series to open the overview of all inspection series. The overview is divided into different areas:

      1. Create a new inspection series.
      2. The functions next to each inspection series are from left to right: Open folder, where a summary of all inspections in the selected inspection series will appear and function menu with: Edit, employees, archive, copy and delete.
      3. Above, which shows the overall information for each inspection series.
      4. Click here for a more advanced search in inspection series.
      5. Export control series to Excel.
      6. Redistribute inspections series. By clicking here, a window will open in which you need to select the type and users.

      Read more about how to create a group inspection series here.


      Navigation Annual Wheel

      When you need to orient yourself in the annual wheel, you must log in to the GDPR portal. Inside the portal, on the left side, you will find a bar where you must click on ‘Inspections’, after which a subbar will open. Click here on ‘Annual Wheel’, to see the annual wheel.

      The annual wheel is divided as follows:

      1. This is the annual wheel which serves as an overview. There are several different functions in the annual wheel, such as forming an overview using different color divisions, and specifying which inspections you want the annual wheel to show.
      2. Here it is possible to customize the wheel in some specific categories according to which inspections you want to display.
      3. Here is an overview of the various inspections during the period that you have chosen to view in the annual wheel.
      4. Switch between centrally and locally. When centrally is chosen, you will see the inspections, that are controlled from the group portal. If you choose locally, you will see the inspections controlled from the local portals.

      You can click here and get a more detailed guide on how to use the annual wheel.


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